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Sky Surfing MOD APK 1.2.6 (Unlocked All Planes) Download



Sky Surfing MOD APK cover

Sky Surfing MOD APK is a casual game from publisher Macaca Games. In the game you only do the only task is to “surf” on the surface of the mountains rising in the middle of the sky. But in fact, is the game so simple?

Overview information

Sky Surfing: Don’t think this game is easy

Sky Surfing challenges your dexterity

If you think, “Are you kidding? Who will play such bullshit games in this age?”. I think after trying it, you will regret it. Because Sky Surfing is literally a casual mobile game for deep people. Gameplay does not need you to do much, just touch the phone screen, drag your hand up and down to move the plane, so that it touches and glides on the surface of obstacles in mid-air.

I say surf here is literally surf. Have you ever watched or played surfing? This me ans that if you fly higher than the surface, you won’t get points. If you fly below the surface, your plane will explode without a trace, whether you use an airplane or a spaceship.


Now you understand why this is a difficult game. The difficulty not in the gameplay but in the exact requirements of the manipulation.