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Smiling Friends Go to Brazil Touches Down on HBO Max



Smiling Friends Go to Brazil

The Smiling Friends are back! The cast of the breakout Adult Swim hit are back and ready to party, this time on vacation in sunny Brazil! The crew arrive in the all new special, The Smiling Friends Go to Brazil, which aired on Adult Swim last night and is available to stream on HBO Max! A promo of the special can be viewed below.

[Warning: The following contains spoilers of the new special below.]

The special opens up just like in the promo with the crew of the Smiling Friends, Charlie, Pim, Alan, and Glep all leaving their flight in a Brazilian airport. They’re excited and ready to explore, but then things take an unexpected turn when… Pim forgot to book the hotel! Horror of horrors! Without a place to crash, it’s up to the group to figure out what to do next. This probably involves a great adventure all through the country, showcasing all the unique and scenic locations of Brazil. Maybe along the way they find a few locals that are in need of a good smile, right?

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Actually no. None of that happens. They just sit at a table, argue for a few minutes, and eventually decide to book the next flight back home. They do call Mr. Boss, the CEO of Smiling Friends, to see if there’s any way he can help, but to no avail. The group doesn’t set foot outside of the airport before going home. After the episode’s premiere, fans have been overjoyed. Many have flocked to Twitter to both pretend rage at the cop-out, and laugh at how relatable the situation was.

If you’re new to Smiling Friends, you’re probably wondering how ten minutes of arguing was able to make so many laugh. Such is the nature of Smiling Friends. The show follows a group of coworkers that work for Smiling Friends, an organization that is dedicated to making clients smile no matter what! The series mainly focuses on the duo Charlie and Pim, who are usually the ones stepping out and interacting with clients. The humor of the show itself is very dry and mellow compared to big boisterous competitors such as Rick and Morty.

For example, in the pilot episode Charlie and Pim are tasked with helping a suicidal man named Desmond find a reason to smile and not off himself. After showing him the importance of family, friends, and even a theme park, Desmond just isn’t impressed. It’s after the three come back to the Smiling Friends headquarters with their heads hanging that things turn around. Turns out the place is infested with little critters! After using his gun to get rid of one of the pests, Desmond finds himself a new reason to live after all! He smiles, he gets cleaned up, and is all ready to go! Each episode is filled with writing that’s all about turning the audience’s expectations on their heads, making the show a fresh breath of air for audiences. It’s no wonder the show was so well received upon its premiere.

Created by Zach Hadel and Michael Cusack, Smiling Friends’ initial premiere was of a similar tactic to the Brazil special as well. The pilot episode aired unannounced as part of Adult Swim’s annual April Fools’ Day event in 2020. Afterwards Adult Swim ordered a full season. The first two episodes premiered on January 10th… only to be followed by the rest of the entire season completely by surprise! The release came completely out of left field for viewers at home, who were eager to eat up the laughs and surreal visuals! The first season was soon released onto HBOMax where it can currently be watched again and again!