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Star Trek: Voyager’s Kate Mulgrew is Open to Live-Action Return of Janeway



Kate Mulgrew Returns as Captain Janeway in Star Trek: Prodigy Animated Series

Perhaps the live-action return of Janeway in the Star Trek universe is something that could become a reality. Previously, Kate Mulgrew starred as Captain Kathryn Janeway in Star Trek: Voyager from 1995 to 2001. More recently, Mulgrew reprised the role by voicing an animated Janeway, now a Starfleet Admiral, in the Nickelodeon cartoon series Star Trek: Prodigy.

Meanwhile, the Paramount+ series Star Trek: Picard has brought back many original cast members from The Next Generation to join lead star Patrick Stewart. It has also been confirmed that the rest of the cast are all coming back for a special reunion in the third and final season of Picard

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. That’s in addition to Voyager star Jeri Ryan returning as Seven of Nine in Picard and even mentioning Admiral Janeway by name.

Seeing Trek alumni from the past reprising their roles, coupled with the mention by Seven of Nine in Picard, led to Mulgrew getting asked about a possible return for the live-action Janeway in a new interview with While she says it’s too late to get involved with Picard, she admits she’s been thinking about physically reprising her Voyager role.

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It remains to be seen if Admiral Janeway appears in any new Star Trek television shows or movies. For now, Trekkies can check back in with the character by watching the animated Janeway on Star Trek: Prodigy. The series, which follows a group of young aliens using an abandoned starship to explore the galaxy, first debuted in 2021 and has since put a second season into production. Mulgrew voices the real Janeway as well as a holographic advisor that uses her likeness. In her new interview, Janeway teased what fans can expect from Admiral Janeway(s) in season 2.

In any case, there’s plenty more of Janeway to come. You can stream Star Trek: Prodigy on Paramount+. To revisit the live-action Kathryn Janeway, you can also stream the original Star Trek: Voyager series on Paramount+. The first two seasons of Picard are also available on the streaming service and a third season is currently in the works.