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Stranger Things: Best Season 4 Moments, Ranked



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Warning: This article contains spoilers for Stranger Things season 4.

Volume One of Stranger Things season four released in May 2022, and it was as action-packed as usual, breaking new records for Netflix’s most-watched list. Indeed, a lot happened in the seven supersized episodes, with so many standout moments that define the relationships between the characters, or that help solve the larger mystery throughout the season. We’ve made this list of the best and most memorable moments of the season so far.

Chrissy’s death at the end of episode one is definitely one of the most memorable moments of Volume One, despite it happening at the end of the first episode. Chrissy Cunningham is set up as the sweet girl next door with a secret. We even see her getting along with the school “freak” and new fan favorite Eddie Munson. All of this is what makes her incredibly painful death absolutely heart-wrenching, not to mention that it sets up the rest of the Hawkins plot and throws the audience into the deep end of the supernatural nature of the show once again.

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In California, Angela is one of the bullies that make Eleven’s life a living hell. She makes fun of El’s project, which leads El to embarrass herself in front of the whole school. When Mike arrives in California, and they go to Rink-O-Mania, the bullying continues, and El ends up with milkshake down the front of her dress. To make it worse, this was all recorded by one of the other bullies. El decides to take matters into her own hands and smacks Angela in the face with a roller-skate. One of the most satisfying moments of Volume One, it also leads to El being tracked down and taken away to the mysterious Project Nina, and to the breakdown of the Mike/Eleven relationship.

Argyle is one of the new characters introduced this time around, and despite his limited screen time in comparison to other characters, he served as one of the major comic reliefs for all the darkness in the season. His best moment was after the death of one of Owens’ agents (aptly named Unnamed Hero Agent Man) as he begins to freak out. When they have a moment to stop and take it all in, Argyle partakes in some “Purple Palm Delight” and sits, making a tombstone for him while Jonathan, Mike and Will are burying the body. This moment is one of the funniest of the season so far, and proves why Argyle was a necessary addition.

When the older kids (Nancy, Steve, Robin, and Eddie) end up in the Upside Down towards the end of Volume One, it looks like all hope is lost. Steve is injured during a battle with the new “Demo-Bats” and Nancy’s guns aren’t in the Wheeler house, due to the Upside Down being frozen on the night Will went missing way back in season one. But through youngest Wheeler child Holly’s lightbox, Dustin and Erica are able to set up a line of communication to help them get out. This moment is memorable because it brings back the simple magic of season one, with Joyce’s Christmas lights, but it also shows that Dustin and Erica are a dream team — if the audience didn’t already think that after the Scoops Troop story last season, and that Lucas is still the kid who would do anything for his friends.