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Stranger Things: How Did Eleven Lose Her Powers?



Eleven in Stranger Things

Spoiler Warning: Stranger Things Seasons 3-4

It’s been over two weeks since Netflix dropped the much-awaited volume one of the fourth season of Stranger Things. This paranormal horror 1980s extravaganza has become one of Netflix’s most ambitious shows yet, with run times for each episode going well over an hour. Despite that, most of us binged these seven episodes in one go. After all, we have waited three years for this season to drop. Now, we have a list of questions for every character. However, there’s one question that we need an answer to, and that is how did Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) lose her powers?

In the first three seasons, we only saw Eleven’s powers consistently growing, especially in seasons two and three. However, after the big fight sequence between her and the Mind Flayer in the Starcourt Mall, she realized she could not use her powers. It was only during the epilogue section of season three, when we see her pack for Lenora Hills, that it becomes clear that her powers had gone for good. So, what happened? How did she end up losing her powers? Let’s break this down.

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Eleven losing her telekinetic powers so suddenly has been a major problem for the party this season, who are split across various locations — Hawkins, Lenora Hills, and Kamchatka. Moreover, losing her powers has also been a huge embarrassment for Eleven, whose entire personality revolved around these psionic powers.

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We see Eleven move with the Byers to Lenora Hills in season three. In the fourth season, we see how life for her had completely changed after moving there without her powers. She was heavily bullied and had no friends other than Will (Noah Schnapp) at school. In one instance, she physically attacked her bully, which led her to being arrested. While she was in the police van, she was kidnapped midway, only to be given the option of working towards getting her powers back to fight against Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower), who was on the rise and killing so many people. Eleven was the only one capable of fighting against Vecna, and so she decided she wanted to do everything to get her powers back.

After she was taken to a secret bunker in Nevada to help regain her powers, she came face to face with her “Papa,” Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine), the scientist responsible for conducting all those inhuman experiments on psychic children as we saw in the first season. While in the bunker, she was put through a series of sensory deprivation tank trials thrusting her back to all those traumatic events she experienced at the Hawkins National Lab. Though Eleven was initially against the idea of working with Dr. Brenner again, she decided to give in and rely on his expertise by the sixth episode titled “The Dive.” In this episode, we understand how and why she lost her powers.