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Stranger Things Season 4: The Trials and Tribulations of David Harbour’s Hopper



Jim Hopper (David Harbour) in Stranger Things Season 4

Spoiler Warning: Stranger Things Season 4

Stranger Things season four was highly anticipated, and following its recent release, that intense anticipation directly translated to an equally high viewership. At one point, the newest installment in the Stranger Things saga held the top four places in Netflix’s coveted top ten most-watched list. Furthermore, while the season could have simply capitalized upon its obviously massive viewership, perhaps the most intense collection of superfans in the history of Netflix original programming, and put out a subpar product, the total opposite happened. Series creators, the Duffer Brothers, were not going to let their epic show go in the direction of many others before it. Season four was very possibly the best season in the series’ history.

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Passionate Stranger Things fans were more than pleased to see that, despite the cataclysmic season three finale, all of their favorite characters were able to make a return for season four. The plot to liberate Chief Hopper from the Russian prison camp, a storyline that took place apart from the Hawkins crew, was carried out by an unlikely duo comprised of one character that had been in the purview of Stranger Things fans since the beginning and another who stole their hearts in more recent seasons: Winona Ryer’s Joyce Byers and Brett Gelman’s (The Disaster Artist, Fleabag) Murray Bauman. Somehow, despite several roadblocks, their liberation plan succeeded… at least for now… bringing David Harbour’s Hopper back into the fold.

Here’s how Harbour’s Chief Hopper excelled in Stranger Things season four.

David Harbour is a fantastic actor, though he spent much of his early acting career toiling away in relative obscurity. Fortunately, he is finally getting the recognition he deserves, which is largely thanks to his breakout role as Chief Hopper in Stranger Things. From the very beginning of the series, audiences were privy to the gut-wrenching story of Chief Hopper and his late daughter. It became obvious that his stone-faced facade served as a barrier to further heartbreak.

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Chief Hopper has seen all the extremes of love and loss throughout the run of Stranger Things. David Harbour portrays this complex police officer. He deserves all the notoriety that role has garnered him, as he has proven time and time again that there is no acting challenge too difficult for him.