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Stranger Things: What We Want to See in the Final Season



Stranger Things 4

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Stranger Things Season 4.

A lot has happened in Hawkins since Mike and his friends met a helpless Eleven in the woods. With Season 4 Volume 2, six years after the premiere of Stranger Things‘ first season, the Duffer Brothers did it again: they released a season that, despite the wait, set a massive streaming record, with 5.14 billion minutes viewed within its premiere week. This time around, season four was made up of two volumes: a first part consisting of seven episodes, and a second part with just two, but lasting almost four hours altogether. Much was said about all the answers that this new season would bring and, to tell the truth, they have kept their word, introducing the audience to the best villain of the series and revealing the origin of all the strange events that have been terrorizing Hawkins and the beloved characters.

Stranger Things season 4 had many peculiarities that set it apart from the previous seasons. For starters, it is by far the darkest season, delving deep into the Upside Down and featuring gruesome deaths striking Hawkins. It even starred horror legend Robert Englund, playing a character that was crucial to the plot. Moreover, after the third season finale, the main characters part ways for the first time, resulting in three storylines happening simultaneously, which allowed the actors to shine in different ways. This latest season finale was one of the most gripping so far, featuring deaths of fan-favorite characters and setting the stage for what will be the fifth and final season of Stranger Things

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. Still, the story is far from over, as the Duffer Brothers are already thinking about a possible spin-off with a theme that has not yet been revealed.

There is still no release date for the fifth season. In fact, they have not yet started filming, but, per Vanity Fair, the episodes will reportedly be shorter than season four’s One thing that we know is that it will not take as long to be released as the fourth season, which was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, any time period will be rather long for fans, who, after the fourth season finale, were left puzzled, with too many questions and longing for a resolution. That is why, in this article, we will go over some of the things we are looking forward to seeing in Stranger Things‘ final season.

Something completely unforeseen happened during the fourth season of the show: Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and the crew lost a battle for the first time. While they were able to avoid major damage, Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower) succeeded in breaking through and starting the merger between the Upside Down and Hawkins. In spite of the great resistance put up by Eleven and Max (Sadie Sink), aided by their friends from the Upside Down, and Hopper and Joyce from Russia, Vecna managed to escape, probably with the help of the creatures he has mastered. What’s more, he is ready for a new fight. Therefore, the expectations for the fight between both good and evil are sky-high, especially now that the whole team is together in Hawkins, so the audience’s wish is that they will finally get the happy ending they deserve. Will Eleven succeed in overcoming Vecna’s powers? What is going to happen to the Upside Down and the town after the fight?

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Max emerged as one of the most important characters in the fourth season of Stranger Things, with an impeccable performance by Sadie Sink. In an extremely brave move, she decided to act as bait so that the rest of the group could locate Vecna’s body and kill him, bearing in mind how dangerous her mission would be. Unfortunately, the villain turned out to be stronger than they expected, and ended Max’s life, not before breaking her limbs and blinding her. However, in a very emotional scene, Eleven discovered a new power and managed to bring back to life her friend’s body, who was eventually hospitalized in a comatose state. This was one of the most important revelations of the season, and after watching El trying to connect with Max’s mind and finding a void, it is unclear what will happen to Max in the final season. Based on her strong connection to Vecna, Max is expected to play a major role in the final battle, so let’s hope she can heal to finally put an end to Hawkins’ curse.