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The 13 Best Rom-Coms on Netflix, Ranked



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For decades, romantic comedies have been considered by the film-going masses to be little more than chick flicks, designated as lighter fare that falls more into the guilty-pleasure viewing category than, say, Scorsese’s latest film. However, with the modern era of 24-hour news cycles and social media addiction, there’s nothing like watching two people fall in love to briefly quell the existential angst. These movies allow you to get lost in the moment-by-moment nuances of courtship, and supply you with a hefty dose of witty banter, unlike a plot-heavy piece of Oscar bait.

Despite a lack of rom-coms starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan these days, the genre is experiencing a resurgence, with new movies coming out all the time and old classics finding new audiences. Streaming services are popping out original content faster than it can be consumed, with hidden gems on every platform imaginable. On Netflix

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alone, there are enough titles to keep you in the world of meet-cutes and quirky dates until you run out of popcorn. Viewers often slight themselves sticking to films set in specific genres, when Netflix hosts so many movies that bend genre stereotypes. Rom-coms, although often characterized in their own genre, can cross the lines from period pieces to horror. Luckily, we’ve curated a diversified list of the 13 best rom-coms on Netflix for fans of across the board.

This article was updated by Dara Drapkin-Grossi on August 11, 2022. If you are a fan of romantic comedies, you are in luck as this article has been recently updated to reflect titles currently on Netflix.

No Strings Attached was released in 2011, which seemed to prove a popular year for movies featuring a friends-with-benefits scenario. Six months after the film’s release, Friends With Benefits hit the theaters and was almost the exact same movie with a different cast. The funny thing about the dual release of these two rom-coms was that Ashton Kutcher starred in No Strings Attached, and Mila Kunis, his now wife, was in Friends with Benefits. Both films are delightfully funny, but No Strings Attached holds the charm and playfulness that only can be delivered by Kutcher himself.

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In Nappily Ever After, Violet (Sanaa Lathan) is plagued by deep-seated insecurities about her natural hair. The insecurities stem from her mother’s criticism of her as a child and her insistence on straightening her hair before she went out in public. As a grown woman, Violet’s diffidence begins to affect her love life negatively. After a challenging break-up, Violet must learn to accept and love herself, and, in turn, she finds love again. According to Roger Ebert, Lathan’s performance in Nappily Ever After is “fearless.”

The premise of two people pretending to be a couple, only to end up falling in love in the end, predates the existence of filmmaking itself. Spoiler alert: Holidate is one of those fake-couple-becomes-real-couple movies. Of course, we don’t watch romantic comedies to wonder if the leads will get together in the end — it’s all about seeing the process of how it happens. In this case, Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey play the main characters who fall in love while pretending to be a couple for the sole purpose of being able to bring someone home for the holidays.