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The Best Bob Odenkirk Movies and TV Shows



Bob Odenkirk in Long Shot

Bob Odenkirk is no stranger to both movies and TV. Throughout his career he’s not only acted in both, but he’s helped write and even direct some of them. His career started when he was hired to help write some Saturday Night Live skits, and even acted in a few of them while he worked there. He eventually moved on, briefly working for a number of other shows before teaming up with another writer and beginning to write their own show together, the massively influential Mr. Show.

Odenkirk took on a lot of smaller projects for a while, appearing in one or two episodes of several TV shows but not holding a major role in any of them; he focused on directing and producing (paving the way for the successful comedy careers of Tim and Eric). Then came one of the roles he’s now most known for: Saul Goodman on Breaking Bad

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. What was originally supposed to be a three episode guest stint turned into a recurring role because of Odenkirk’s acting, and then a spinoff was created centered on his character. Check out some of his best works here to see what he’s all about.

The rom-com Long Shot follows the story of journalist Fred Flarsky and U.S. Secretary of State Charlotte Field. Charlotte is running for president, and Fred recently quit his job thanks to a new boss that opposed his views. The pair knew each other in their childhood so when they see each other again they connect easily. Charlotte ends up hiring Fred to write speeches for her, and as they start spending more time together, they slowly begin to fall in love. Of course, the relationship isn’t without its ups and downs.

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Odenkirk plays President Chambers, the current president who used to be a TV star and is now trying to get into the movie industry. He plays the role of an easily persuaded and pressured president well, and thus his presence becomes a comically constant figure in the problems the couple runs into.

Nothing is as it seems in Nobody. Hutch Mansell runs an ordinary life with his wife and two children, and he works an ordinary office job. Even so, his marriage is strained, and it grows even more so after two burglars break into his house and he refuses to intervene, even after his son gets involved. It’s revealed after that he didn’t do anything because he could tell the burglars were desperate and didn’t even load their gun.

As he continues, Mansell accidentally gets wrapped up in an issue with a Russian crime lord, and he’s actually excellent at fighting off the criminals he sends after him. Mansell now has to find a way to stop the crime lord from coming after him to keep his family safe. Odenkirk stars as Mansell here, and he plays the innocent looking civilian so well you’d never imagine Mansell is actually the action hero and can easily fight off everyone who gets in his way. It’s a surprising bit of casting, but Odenkirk nailed it.