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The Best New Horror Movie Scream Queens For the Modern Era



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‘Scream queen’ is an epithet for actresses who have become iconic for portraying roles in horror movies. One of the biggest scream queens (who some might call the GOAT), of all time is Jamie Lee Curtis. Curtis has had a lot of big roles in scary movies, including the franchise that some say started the golden age of the slasher movies, Halloween. Her mom, Janet Leigh, is also considered a scream queen for her role (especially in one of the most memorable scenes in cinema history) in Psycho.

The ’90s movies created a lot of scream queens, such as Neve Campbell in the Scream movies. The actress has confirmed she will not be in the new installment of the franchise, Scream 6, though, and the baton has been passed to new scream queens. For a woman to be considered a scream queen, she should be in more than one horror movie. However, there are some actresses who did such a great job that they could also be considered scream queens after only starring in one. A few recent examples are Toni Collette for her amazing portrayal of a mother in grief in Hereditary

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and Florence Pugh in the brightly colored Midsommar.

Scream queens are an inherent part of the horror genre, and in the past couple of years, there have been some actresses who have earned the title and therefore made up a new, more modern part of this group. Here are some of the best modern scream queens.

Maika Monroe started in the horror genre with her role in The Guest. It Follows, her most famous horror movie so far, was released quickly after her first appearance in a scary movie. The movie is about an evil entity that is transmitted only through sex, and was so successful that she was quickly called a scream queen and has been in more horror movies since, including Watcher. The actress said that it wasn’t intentional at first, but she has been a fan of the genre since she was little, and even wants to do It Follows 2.

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Anya Taylor-Joy’s first movie was The Witch, and since then has been playing award-winning roles almost every year. She came back to horror in 2021 with her role as a wannabe singer that has her life turned upside down in Last Night in Soho. She has a quality of being extremely unique, from how she looks to the depth she gives in all of Anya Taylor-Joy’s performances; she is always a delight to watch, even if you are terrified.

Emma Roberts has been in the film industry spotlight for quite some time. She has done multiple projects in various genres, but her roles in scary movies and series have become a trademark for her. She has been a part of the cast of AHS, or American Horror Story, for a few seasons, as well as literally being in a series called Scream Queens, both produced and created by Ryan Murphy. Her role in Scream 4 is one of the main reasons why she quickly became a part of this iconic group of women in film.