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The Best Syfy Channel Original Series, Ranked



The cast of Eureka on Syfy

The Syfy channel is famous for supplying science-fiction fans with a one-stop shop for the best television shows of the genre. The channel brought famous shows like Doctor Who and Continuum to the states before international shows became easily accessible through streaming platforms, and was famous for airing classics like The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits. As more people trade their cable subscriptions for streaming services, however, previously popular broadcasting stations are starting to fade.

Even though not everyone watches the Syfy channel, the station’s reservoir of content has something for everyone to enjoy, and it played a huge role in establishing sci-fi television as we know it today. Science-fiction is loved for its ability to explore human nature and the meaning of life in its extraordinary and unique settings, and Syfy collected some of the best titles on its channel, from classics like Mystery Science Fiction 3000

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to original programming like Battlestar Galactica. Whether you are looking to reminisce or trying to find something new to watch, here are the best Syfy channel originals, ranked.

An FBI agent is sent to a small coastal town to investigate a case, but stays because of unexplained supernatural “troubles” afflicting the town. Haven is like a supernatural procedural with a new case to investigate every week. This show did not start strong, but got better with time. Haven grew from an Rotten Tomatoes score of 35% in season one to an RT score of 80% by season four. It’s too bad that the show’s best writing came too late and audiences had already lost interest. Haven was canceled after five seasons, just as the show was starting to find its rhythm.

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Being Human came out right after Twilight initiated the teen-vampire craze. In this series a vampire, werewolf, and ghost move in together and try to disguise themselves as humans. The Syfy original series had trouble living up to the expectations set by the BBC series with the same name. In many ways the Syfy show doesn’t have as good of writing, but it still meets all the criteria for an angsty drama about being a teenager. While Being Human may not be the most sophisticated show on this list, it works well as the paranormal romance that it is.

We don’t get to see the monster movie tropes in sci-fi TV as often as the space operas, space westerns, or super-humans subgenres, but Sanctuary is unique because it focuses on monsters rather than aliens. The show follows Dr. Helen Magnus as she attempts to create a safe place for abnormal (and sometimes paranormal) creatures and people. Some of these creatures are peaceful and harmless by nature, while many are violent and disruptive. Overall the series is a good-natured story about a kind-hearted protector of the supernatural with some darker elements mixed in.

When a crew wakes up aboard a crashing spaceship they must band together to both preserve and remember their lives. Dark Matter is loved for its compelling premise and suspenseful plot. As the series continues, plot holes start to break the story’s believability, and Dark Matter ended after just three seasons. Even if we have to turn a blind-eye to some less-believable moments, Dark Matter‘s premise is too intriguing to pass up. The show’s violent action and story makes for an entertaining watch.