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The Funniest Episodes of Love, Death and Robots, Ranked



Love, Death & Robots Three Robots from season one

Love, Death and Robots is Netflix’s animated anthology series about the fight for dominance between humanity and technology. Some episodes are disturbing and range in a variety of genres. While most seem to focus on action or horror tones, there are some that are rather hilarious. These funny episodes of the series do have serious undertones about the downfall of humanity, but they are presented in a way that hides the seriousness under absurdity. Between all three volumes of Love, Death and Robots thus far, there have been a handful of episodes that shine under comedic lights, and these are the funniest.

The sheer absurdities are what make this episode so comical. However, the yogurt that inevitably takes over the human race is a representation of humanity’s growing reliance on technology. But as this episode uses yogurt to tell a story of a failing civilization, it can’t be taken all too seriously. It is meant to be funny, until the final thought of what would happen if our leaders just abandoned us and left us… yogurtless?

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Seeing Hitler encased in a giant block of gelatin is quite the interesting turn of events. This episode is an outrageous but hilarious depiction of six different ways Hitler could have been killed, with each cause of death more ridiculous than the last. From getting run over by a horse-drawn carriage to breaking the space-time continuum, the sequences are just meant as goofs. The animation style in this episode is different from the others in that the 2-D design reflects a more lighthearted slapstick presentation.

With an orchestral overture, this episode of season three is a humorous depiction of how a zombie apocalypse could have taken place. However, the entire episode is shown from a bird’s eye view with the city’s inhabitants looking as if they were the size of ants, with the animators using meticulously detailed miniatures and stop-motion. This could mirror the metaphors of how insignificant humanity is in the grand scheme of the universe. But it is rather funny to see the millions of tiny people running with high-pitched voices over classical music in this clever distillation of a great zombie movie into a five-minute episode.

Mason is a farmer attempting to defend his farm against an army of rats. Just that sentence alone accounts for the sheer hilarity for this brief episode of season three. With however much force and the increased technological weaponry, these rats just can’t seem to die. It’s funny enough to hear comedian Craig Ferguson voice the down-on-his-luck farmer, but to see these rats just completely hold their own and build a resistance against Mason’s attacks is ridiculous but hilarious. Contrary to the episode that follows in season three, which is one of the most dramatic and intense of the entire series, this funny and ultimately sweet episode is a light gem.

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It is a treat to see Love, Death and Robots embrace the holiday spirit. This Christmas-themed episode re-imagines the idea of two innocent children stumbling upon Santa Claus. Only this time, Santa is a terrifying monster who barfs out presents. While the monster is no sight for sore eyes, he does try to entertain the children who seem to be frightened out of their stockings. While they were good this year and were rewarded, the message of this episode is just that… stay good, or you better watch out.