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The Legend of Korra – Core Team Avatar Members Ranked by Skill Set, Powers, and Abilities



Team Avatar - Legend of Korra

In The Legend of Korra, Avatar Korra has faced many dangerous threats, accomplished many incredible feats, and become an amazing Avatar; though she wouldn’t have been able to have so many accomplishments without her allies, loved ones, and newfound family, Team Avatar. Korra’s team consists of four true core members (Mako, Bolin, Asami, and herself) with a plethora of temporary members and allied forces, two of which truly stand out as honorary core members and will be included in this article. While many fans will argue that Aang’s Team Avatar from Avatar: The Last Airbender is superior to Korra’s, none of our favorite characters from the beautifully-indulgent preceding series will be included.

Since its formation, Korra’s Team Avatar has been at the forefront of keeping the peace, and fighting the good fight for Republic City, as well as the Avatar World as a whole. While Team Avatar has had a handful of soft splits from one another in order to follow their own passions, careers, or businesses, they remain strongly connected as any real family would. All of Team Avatar’s members are capable in combat and have a solid head on their shoulders, but it is together that they truly stand out as an incredibly formidable group of heroes. From defeating irrational separatist groups to defeating countless foes of varying degrees of threat and even conquering mental instabilities, Team Avatar may be the purest form of justice Republic City has ever seen.

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The world of Avatar is amazingly diverse, creates deeply immersive life relationships, and offers a truly special experience for audiences. The Team Avatars may be the very best part of the series, with their true friendships, love and care for each other, and those in need. Now that Netflix has purchased rights to parts of the Avatar Television Series Franchise, as well as Avatar Studios taking off, we can only hope to see different iterations of Team Avatar and other installments in the fantastic world of Avatar. With that being said, let us dive into the top six Team Avatar members from The Legend of Korra, ranked!

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Asami isn’t a woman to be trifled with, regardless of the fact that she is a non-bender. Asami is definitely an amazing fighter, but where she truly stands out is with her impeccable knack for creating and inventing. Like her father, Asami is very formidable with her technological advances, as well as her ability to form a strong company from the ground up. While she is the lowest on this list of Korra’s Team Avatar members, her skills in building and utilizing machines and electricity are unmatched, and her resourcefulness is second to none.

Asami has also excelled at creating important relationships with the likes of Varrick, a rich inventor and entrepreneur in the series, and she shows time and time again that she is more than just a pretty face who can kick butt. She is a very suitable and important member of Korra’s Team Avatar on many levels, including on an emotional level, as she has been a sturdy point for multiple characters when they have been in need.

Bolin is the younger brother of Mako and a formidable earthbender. We first meet him in season one of The Legend of Korra as a member of a probending team, The Fire Ferrets, and he is an incredibly lovable character. He is the son of an Earth Kingdom citizen father and a Fire Nation citizen mother, and is the reigning comical relief for the series. While he is gullible at times, his intelligence shines through his ignorance many times, as he is a character that provides surprise “Aha” moments throughout the series. While he has a lot of potential, Bolin is ranked five on this list due to him being younger, less experienced, and frankly childish.

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