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The Legend of Korra: Villains that Posed the Greatest Threats, Ranked



Amon, Vaatu, Zaheer, Kuvira

Like any action/adventure project, The Legend of Korra has given us our fair share of villains, evil-doers, and enemies for our heroes to face off against. Some villains are more prominent and inciting than others, and they all bring varying degrees of danger to the world of Avatar. While Korra, her Team Avatar, and the good forces at play stand ready to combat the foes of peace and harmony, some villains have fairly successfully disrupted the way of life, as well as the hierarchy of the newly shaped world of Avatar. From selfishly tyrannous individuals to characters who have created strong followings and actually make some good points for their causes, The Legend of Korra‘s villains hold varieties of lawlessness and despicability.

While most good stories usually feature a villain, or villains, who have more to offer to the plot than just wanting to commit malice, some highly entertaining stories call for those characters, but not in The Legend of Korra. This series creates a vast, dynamic, and lush lore with characters (both good and bad) who have deep-rooted origins and, one way or another, have some incredibly meaningful merit behind their actions. One thing that the two currently produced and released Avatar television series have done fantastically is not only establish a foundation for what the Avatar world (and the characters who inhabit it) can be, but also maintain and garner it. In all fairness, some of the greatest aspects of these stories are their wrongdoers’ relatability and the points they are making out of their seemingly-evil actions.

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The daughter of the 52nd Earth King, Kuei (introduced in Avatar: The Last Airbender), Queen Hou-Ting was a heinous, pompous woman. While the 53rd Earth Queen wasn’t necessarily a long-standing threat for Korra and Team Avatar to go up against, she was an absolute tyrant who subjected her people to a highly classist regime. The great city of Ba Sing Se, along with the rest of the Earth Kingdom, was in complete duress, not too dissimilar from the state it was in about 80 years prior to when we met her majesty. Poverty, famine, hunger, disease, homelessness, and overall cruelty were just a few of the horrid conditions the people of the Earth Kingdom, with no connection to royalty, faced.

While the top 1% of the kingdom prospered and grew fat from the abundance of riches, the rest of the kingdom suffered greatly under her rule. Avatar Korra and Team Avatar were not only mortified when they came to see the way of life for the Earth Kingdom’s common folk, but the interactions they had with Queen Hou-Ting showed them she had zero remorse and not one thought of changing her ways. Through propaganda, finesse, and her force of secret police (the Dai-Li), the Earth Queen oppressed the common folk and ruled with an iron fist. Her reign came to an end when another villain of the series, Zaheer, took her life with his newly found airbending abilities.

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In The Legend of Korra, Varrick is both a friend and foe to Korra and her allies. Varrick being an individual with incredible vision, amazing engineering capabilities, and an entrepreneurial mind that was second to none, he was definitely someone who Team Avatar wanted on the side of good. Initially introducing himself in season two to the audience and Team Avatar as a person of good will and high status, he makes Bolin a movie star, seemingly helps Asami with her business, and gives offerings of other good fortune. Though it is quickly realized that he is playing two sides to the unrest that is prevalent in the various nations across the world of Avatar, he orchestrates a Water Tribe civil war, steals Asami’s legacy, and openly works to better his stake in many aspects of his personal and business life.