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The Princess Trailer: Why Joey King’s Character Isn’t to Be Messed With



The Princess

Hulu’s The Princess, starring actress Joey King, puts a new spin on the classic fairytale, which has dominated narratives for quite a while. While many are used to the damsel in distress trope in princess movies, Hulu’s latest project gives us a refreshingly fresh, strong-willed new princess who is not afraid to stand up for herself. When she refuses to passively accept a marriage she is pushed into, King’s princess is kidnapped and locked away in a tower. But this princess doesn’t believe in waiting for a knight in shining armor to rescue her. Taking her fate into her own hands, this princess fights tooth and nail to do what she believes is right for her.

The movie is being directed by Le-Van Kiet, with the script written by Ben Lustig and Jake Thornton. King is executive producing the film alongside Guy Riedel and Lustig and Thornton. 20th Century Studios debuted the official trailer for The Princess

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on June 2, 2022. The trailer gives more substance to the movie description, “action-packed fight to the death set in a fairy tale world,” showcasing King in all her fighter princess glory. Blatantly believing in her own power and establishing the message of girl-power firmly within the movie, the trailer of The Princess vividly emphasizes why Joey King’s princess isn’t to be messed with.

The trailer opens with the classical shot of the fairytale castle as a voice intones “once upon a time in a magical castle…”, giving The Princess both the look and feel of a traditional fairytale romance just waiting to take place. However, a mere ten seconds into the trailer, audiences are made aware that the princess has been locked away in a tower. When the events leading to the imprisonment are shown, viewers get their first inkling that maybe The Princess isn’t going to be a traditional princess story.

King’s princess definitely isn’t afraid to say no. While in a stereotypical fairytale, the princess would go through with decisions imposed on her out of obligation, King’s princess breaks out of the mold. “I’m not a piece of property to be traded,” she says, in defiance of her father’s order of marriage. In saying this, King’s princess firmly sets the film within feminist discourse. In standing up for herself, even amidst the consequences that follow her decision, King’s character establishes herself as a princess who definitely shouldn’t be messed with. She is not a pushover, and despite her love for her family, which becomes obvious in her mission to save her family from the sociopathic tyrant she was supposed to marry, she will remain true to herself.

Being locked away in a tower, with her hands chained, will not stop King’s princess from making sure her captors know that they ”f***ed with the wrong princess.” Resourceful as ever, she uses the same chains that bound her to whack one of her captors across his face. Cartoon blood splatters across the screen, showing that the princess has done some real damage.

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Seemingly thrown into her prison in her wedding dress, the dress becomes the princesses’ armory of weapons. Strips of lace and cloth are re-purposed to pull, push and swing her captors into walls and pillars. One is even sent flying out of one of the tower windows! The lack of weapons clearly isn’t an issue for this princess. Once her mind is set on her release, she’ll do whatever she must, including ripping her wedding dress into shreds. Blood, gore, and messy hair are inconsequential.