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The Umbrella Academy: Potential Storylines We Could See in Season 4




Spoiler Warning: The Umbrella Academy Season 3

The Umbrella Academy, a Netflix original series that introduced audiences to a wide range of quirky characters, each of whom gave a unique and powerful performance, recently released its third season. Though there was little fanfare surrounding this most recent installment of The Umbrella Academy, that did little to diminish the excitement of the series’ ardent viewer base. Said viewers, who have come to expect the unexpected in this absurdist, reality-bending comic book adaptation, were undoubtedly satisfied in their cravings for abnormal storylines by the utterly ridiculous plotlines of season three.

Despite the narrowly avoided apocalypses and constant time-traveling of past seasons, season three of The Umbrella Academy

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featured the entirety of the eccentric Hargreeves family. All of them escaped the multiple end-of-the-world storylines relatively unscathed. Returning to the fold were: Elliot Page (Juno, X-Men: Days of Future Past) as Viktor Hargreeves, English actor Tom Hopper (Black Sails, Game of Thrones), who portrays Luther Hargreeves, and David Castenada (Switched at Birth, Jane the Virgin) as Diego Hargreeves, to name only a few.

The ending of The Umbrella Academy season three was anything but clear. Here’s what might happen if the series returns for a season four.

The Umbrella Academy’s primary focal point, the adopted Hargreeves children, has had no shortage of familial spats throughout the run of the series. However, the family’s beef with their alternate reality replacements, The Sparrow Academy, forced them to work in harmony with one another, though they never stopped hurling insults at one another.

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At the end of season three, though the family had rediscovered their tight-knit relationship, presumed by many to have been lost sometime during their troubled childhood, the Hargreeves adoptees decided to go their own separate ways. In previous seasons, when the family splits up, the individual members have a tendency to entrench themselves in wildly disparate lives. In the new and utterly mysterious timeline that was created in the wake of season three’s new apocalypse, where it’s likely that the world will need The Umbrella Academy more desperately than ever, a fractured family, coupled with their recent discovery that the events at the Hotel Obsidian have rendered them powerless, is sure to create all manner of issues for the Hargreeves clan and the world at large.