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Unlocking Your Music’s Potential: The Benefits of SoundCloud Promotion

SoundCloud has over 170 million users every month. It is one of the biggest platforms available for artists to push their music. As over 75 million of these users are paid subscribers, artists are able to make good money from this platform. However, to get the most out of Soundcloud promotion, there are a few things to know.

This post will share tips to help artists promote their music on SoundCloud.

Benefits of SoundCloud Promotion

Use the repost feature

The repost feature allows artists to get their music in front of millions of people. It also creates avenues for artists to earn money every time someone listens to their music. This feature also pushes their music to other platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. As such, music uploaded on SoundCloud can reach a wider audience.

Run a giveaway for fans and select fans

Giveaways are great ways to get music lovers to listen to music and also tell others about it. This will also boost downloads and raise the song’s position on the music charts. There are also provisions to give access to select fans so they can listen to the music of their favorite artists. All these encourage them to stream from or subscribe to a particular music service.

Create a playlist

A playlist is a great way to push music to fans without spamming them. It also gives artists an avenue to promote the music of other artists, which will drive traffic to their playlists. This will also help the artist rise up the charts.

Get active in the comment section

Replying to the comments of fans gives the artist the opportunity to develop and create a positive image. As such, fans are more willing to stream and download the music of artists that they can connect with.

Use SoundCloud Premier

SoundCloud Premier is an upgraded account different from the free version. It has more tools that help artists promote their music, such as showing who is listening to their music. It also gives them the opportunity to monetize their music. 

Collaborate and remix with other artists

One important way to promote music on SoundCloud is by collaborating with other SoundCloud users. Reach out to DJs, producers, and artists who write and sing in the same genre and work with them to create new tracks. This will give artists the opportunity to expose their music to an audience they may not have had access to before.

Use SoundCloud analytics

SoundCloud analytics is an excellent way for artists to understand their audience and track their music’s progress. It lets them know when and where people listen to their music. As such, artists can better target their promotional efforts to the right audience.

Artists also want to remember to use tags or hashtags that are easy to find and fit into the music genre. These should also have a simple title with specific keywords that push your music up search buttons. 

Music promotion can be daunting without the proper ideas. These tips can help you grow your music audience on SoundCloud.


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