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What We Do in the Shadows Season Four: How Will Colin’s Story Continue?



What We Do in the Shadows - Collin 100

Spoiler Warning: What We Do in the Shadows Season Three

The fate of Colin Robinson (Mark Proksch) in the finale of What We Do in the Shadows season three was certainly an unexpected twist. Just when we thought things had taken a fatal turn for the energy vampire on his one-hundredth birthday, it turns out he’s been reborn as an infant version of himself, literally crawling his way from his corpse’s chest. It’s a zany concept that could only work well in a show as hilarious as What We Do in the Shadows

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Part of the fun in bringing an energy vampire (also known as a psychic vampire) to life on screen is that there isn’t much information to be found about them. They’ve had their parts to play in folk tales and legends, but, unlike their more popular blood-sucking cousins, they don’t have a rich amount of surviving text or lore to fall back on. In the case of a writer, this could prove either a royal pain or a dream come true. It seems to definitely be the latter for writers on What We Do in the Shadows. After all, innovation and creativity often spring from limitations.

In an interview with Newsweek, What We Do in the Shadows’ executive producer Sam Johnson said:

This is where the idea of rebirth as a baby came in. From this point, the writing team could pretty much go anywhere, and there are a lot of points to consider. How do energy vampires behave when they are babies? How might their powers express themselves, especially when we’ve already seen what Colin can do when he drains enough energy. Are energy vampire babies capable of speech faster than human babies? Are we going to hear Mark Proksch’s voice coming out of a baby’s mouth? That would certainly be something else. It will undoubtedly be an amusing process to see just how creative the writers can get with Colin’s condition from here on out.

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Now, of course, we are left to speculate just how Colin’s story is meant to continue and what role he might serve in season four and beyond.