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“When a batsman isn’t in good form you either go too far across or don’t move your feet at all” –  Sachin Tendulkar on Virat Kohli’s dry spell



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Former Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar has dissected the technique of Virat Kohli in the current series, explaining possible causes for the Indian skipper’s lean run of form in the last three Tests in England.

Since June, Virat Kohli has had scores of 44, 13, 0, 42, and 20 against New Zealand and England at Southampton, Trent Bridge, and Lord’s. His record in Test cricket since the beginning of 2020 has been very poor by his standards.

Speaking to PTI, Sachin Tendulkar gave his thoughts on what is currently not working for Virat Kohli.

Sachin said:

“Virat hasn’t had a great start. It is the mind that leads to technical errors, and if the start isn’t good you start thinking about a lot of things. Because anxiety levels are high and you tend to over compensate your movements.

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“When a batsman isn’t in good form you either go too far across or don’t move your feet at all. That happens to everyone. The form is also your state of mind along with the body working in harmony.”

I can say Rohit Sharma has definitely gone a notch higher: Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar also opined that Indian opener Rohit Sharma has gone a notch higher through some wonderful batting in testing conditions over the last few innings in England. Rohit Sharma has been instrumental for India in the top order ever since he began opening in Tests in 2019.

Even in England, he has absorbed pressure magnificently at the top by showing wonderful application and resilience to tackle the new ball threat of Anderson, Robinson, Curran, and Broad. Applauding Rohit Sharma’s efforts, Sachin Tendulkar said:

“Whatever I have seen, I feel, he has taken the lead and he has shown the other side of his temperament and how he can change his game and adapt to the situation and play accordingly. He has been a leader there and KL has supported him brilliantly.

“As far as playing pull shot is concerned, he has cleared the fence with that shot and I am looking at what he has been able to achieve for the team in both Tests. Rohit has left the ball and defended the ball brilliantly or equally well. He was always a fantastic player but seeing his last few innings in England, I can say he has definitely gone a notch higher.”