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Which Star Wars Characters Will Be the Central Hero and Villain in a Shared Universe?



Star Wars Celebration 2022

Last week was host to Star Wars Celebration 2022, and with it came a whole slew of new information on both existing and brand-new Star Wars content. From release dates and teasers for both The Mandalorian season 3 and Ahsoka to brand-new trailers for the upcoming Andor, The Bad Batch season 2, and Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, to the reveal of a new Disney+ show, Star Wars: Skeleton Crew, it certainly does feel like a good time to be a Star Wars fan.

With all of these upcoming shows and games, however, and knowing how Disney seems to be working in recent years, one cannot help but wonder if a larger game is being played here. After all, even before the MCU, Star Wars was setting up its own expanded universe of characters, and thanks to the success of those Marvel movies, perhaps Disney is applying some of that continuity magic to the galaxy of Star Wars

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. It would not be unreasonable to assume that is the case, given how other Star Wars shows have done in the past.

If there is a larger plan at work here, then one cannot help but wonder exactly where it is leading towards, and more importantly, what, if anything, is tying all of these Disney+ shows together. Of course, there is plenty of room for speculation as far as where all of this is leading, and time will certainly tell how it does in the end. But as far as what connects these Disney+ shows, that has already been revealed if one knows where to look.

While all the current and upcoming Disney+ shows take place in their own corners of the galaxy and follow very different groups of characters, the threads that connect them are all there, even in Obi-Wan Kenobi. If one wants to speculate what sort of Avengers-style crossover is inevitably in the works for Star Wars, the threads that connect them may provide the best, if only, an explanation that we will get for now.

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One of the first things that a shared universe needs is a central main character that it can be built around. The audience will follow that character’s journey through the world they inhabit. In the case of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that character was Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, as he was the character that the MCU began with and subsequently ended with (The Infinity Saga, at least). Within the galaxy of Disney+’s shared Star Wars universe, that character appears to be Din Djarin, aka The Mandalorian.

Like Tony Stark, it began with him. More important than Din Djarin, however, is the series’ secondary main character, the freakishly adorable Grogu, who, despite being so young for his age, possesses a lifespan that stretches back before the Skywalker Saga began and will no doubt continue until long, long after all the other characters have died. As The Book of Boba Fett showed (much to the dismay of many), Disney is not against featuring Grogu’s continuing story in series that are not The Mandalorian. Whether it be in Ahsoka or even Andor, it is very likely fans have not seen the last of Grogu.