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Why Top Gun: Maverick Should Have a Spinoff TV Series With the New Generation



Top Gun Maverick Pilots

The long-awaited sequel Top Gun: Maverick quickly soared towards success at the box office, already making over one billion dollars – only one out of fifty movies to ever do so. The success of this movie surpassed its original and has united multiple generations in the enjoyment and nostalgia of the story.

Top Gun: Maverick introduced new and interesting characters who, while they are meant to more or less take over the mantle, don’t disrespect or overshadow the original characters. The movie gave audiences a new legacy of naval pilots to believe in and root for. And while there may be hope for another movie starring this new generation to create a Top Gun

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trilogy, their next story might actually be better suited for a tv series instead. Here are a few reasons why.

As well done as the films are, there’s only so much story and development that can be crammed into two hours without overwhelming audiences. The latest movie showed audiences the bonding between the younger generation of characters as they prepare for their dangerous mission, revealing fears, aspirations, and motivations that connect them all. We especially see growth in the fan favourite character Rooster, played by Miles Teller, who begins to let go of resentments and past wrongs in order to become a leader.

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Having the stories of these characters progress in a series would give them more time to develop even further and give audiences a chance to really get to know them and feel like they are part of the story. Following the characters in easier-to-swallow episodic chunks would allow for the story to be more concrete and well-structured, as well as provide time between episodes for audiences to process what they have watched and discovered.

Back when the original Top Gun movie came out, the navy saw a huge increase in enlistments. It inspired people to make a difference in their world and join the program. Even though many people have mixed feelings about the military these days, that isn’t the only reason to become a pilot. A new series could inspire people to be a travel pilot, a pilot for farming and crop dusting, a search and rescue or wildfire pilot – there are plenty of ways this series could still inspire a new generation of pilots, even if it isn’t for the navy.

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