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Why Westworld Season 4 Should Conclude the Series




Spoiler Warning: Westworld Seasons 1-3

The dense sci-fi drama Westworld will return this month with season 4, led once again by showrunners Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan. It will continue the mysterious storylines and complex character arcs that go way beyond anything anyone expected when they first saw Michael Crichton’s quirky sci-fi/horror feature from 1973.

The new season features a 1920s mobster-inspired park and the return of all our favorite characters, some in new iterations. The lines between life and death have been blurred to such a degree that the show’s stakes seem to have waned. It’s often hard to keep track of where we are as the timeline jumps around. Still, the show is beautiful and features incredible stunts, special effects, and enough high concept sci-fi to keep the most astute viewers onboard. Others seeking a more basic cyborg action vehicle may be best served by sticking with the first season alone or the far simpler movies and TV show that inspired it.

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Based on the 1973 Michael Crichton film, which probably took a cue from Disneyland’s arsenal of animatronic robots, Westworld was the story of incredibly complex robots populating various fantasy lands like Westworld, Roman World, and Medieval World. Run by the Delos corporation, they promise their guests a unique opportunity to engage with lifelike cyborgs, where they can do anything they wish to them. This naturally leads to a revolt against the park’s guests and employees, as the robots were designed too well (with machines building other machines) and gain consciousness with a desire for revenge and freedom. However, their motive is never clearly explained. Sadly, the concept becomes increasingly relevant as a disturbing sickness spreads worldwide with a mass casualty bloodlust consuming weak minds poisoned by online echo chambers. The world needs a theme park like Westworld today, which is pretty sad.

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Similar to Lost, Westworld sets up a lot of mythology and rabbit holes that may be working to keep a small but loyal fan base tuned in. The cinematography is fantastic, and the A-list cast keeps the show’s benchmark quality high, as established by HBO’s Game of Thrones. While most fans were surprised the series survived the maligned second season, here’s why season 4 could be the last.

Season two of Westworld was criticized for getting way too complicated. It features characters dying, returning to life, humans revealed to be robots, robots based on humans, and numerous plays on perception and timelines to such a confusing degree. Due to this, much of the show’s fanbase dropped off. The mere fact that not only a third but a fourth season will now exist feels at odds with the level of viewership the show likely commands.