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Will Ms. Marvel Join the MCU’s Young Avengers Team?



Ms Marvel

From what it looks like, spread across various series and titles, Marvel is slowly assembling the Young Avengers. While the cinematic giant has been releasing bits and pieces of various Marvel teams ever since before the blip, there haven’t been that many that appear to be as complete as the Young Avengers.

While events aren’t occurring in quite the same way as they may have in the comics, there are still a steadily growing number of names that have appeared on the list before. Kids like Cassie Lang, Kate Bishop, and America Chavez are already well established in the MCU, and it wouldn’t take much but one villain (who has also already made his appearance) to bring them all together.

Aside from the Young Avengers being one of the most likely directions for the MCU to move in the future, Ms. Marvel has recently made a big splash on Disney+. Kamala Khan has been a part of several superhero teams, including the Secret Warriors and the Champions, but she has never been part of any Young Avengers team-up. Still, Disney loves to change things, and she is in a unique position to join the growing number of young superheroes against whatever multiversal threat that lies just around the corner.

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In the current scope of MCU projects, we’ve already seen 7 of the original Young Avengers team show up, and 1 of their founding members is currently hiding in the background. We’re still missing a few key pieces to complete the puzzle, but it looks like Marvel is getting ready to make this their next big universal event. Wiccan and Speed were first seen in WandaVision and made real in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which also introduced America Chavez. Kate Bishop shot her first arrow in the Hawkeye Christmas special. Kid Loki appeared in Loki. We saw Cassie Lang age quite a bit between the first Ant-Man and Ant-Man and the Wasp. And Eli Bradley got a short but meaningful cameo in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

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Granted, this overwhelming majority of superheroes is quite the impressive assemblage of power, but questions remain as to what Marvel will do to bring them together. The MCU has a reputation for changing parts of the comic book story, so it’s only natural that fans might wonder if things will play out a little differently than what they’ve read. After all, Swordsman didn’t become Hawkeye’s teacher, Bill Foster never got a chance to be Black Goliath, and Kamala Khan didn’t have her powers awakened by the Terrigen Mists. These things happened in the comics but not in the MCU. And while all these things might appear inconsequential, it demonstrates Disney’s lack of necessity to stay 100% faithful to the books. So, theoretically, we might see some additions to the original Young Avengers team.

Another pressing question is exactly how showrunners might add Wiccan and Speed into the team. Considering that they only exist in an alternate universe, they’ll need a pretty significant plot device to bring them to Earth-616. Plus, the actors are significantly younger than any of the others that would be part of Young Avengers. And if Wanda Maximoff is truly dead, they’ll have to portal the whole family to the new Earth. Even though all Kevin Feige needs to do is snap his fingers, and writers will find a way to make it happen, it’s a pretty big plot hole to get over.