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Will Pixar’s Lightyear Take the Meta Concept Too Far?



Pixar's Lightyear

There are very few franchises in the entertainment industry that are universally beloved. Usually, if a franchise gets popular enough, it warrants so many sequels and spinoffs that ultimately, the franchise loses its originality and becomes another money-maker. But, there is the choice few that can keep hold of their originality throughout the course of the sequels and remain entertaining and fresh — Toy Story is one such franchise.

The concept that became an instant classic back in 1995 has had three sequels in the past thirty years, as well as a couple of holiday specials. The franchise has been Pixar’s biggest success, and that’s truly saying something. Fans of all ages still love watching the movies to this day. Toy Story

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was fun and original, Toy Story 2 kept the continuity perfect, Toy Story 3 was relatable nostalgia, and Toy Story 4 was a fond farewell. Everything about the franchise has wrapped itself up neatly.

So, with that being said, is it necessary for Pixar to stretch their luck with the upcoming Lightyear movie? Fans know that the film is supposed to be the Buzz Lightyear film that the toy is based on in the Toy Story universe. But with how meta film and television projects are becoming these days, is Lightyear taking it a step too far?

The heading sums it up. Regardless of how successful Toy Story has been and how much fans love the movies, the plot’s premise seems to be playing with reality a bit further than most franchises would be willing to go. As stated, the film is supposed to be set around the movie that the Buzz Lightyear toy is based on in the Toy Story universe – i.e., Pixar is making a movie about a movie from one of their prior movies.

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While the premise already gives off animated Inception vibes, what makes it even trippier is that prior to the film’s announcement, fans had no idea that Buzz Lightyear was based on a movie. There were never any hints in the prior Toy Story films, and it was always just assumed that Buzz was meant to be a space toy. Now, people could probably make assumptions since Woody himself was based on a television show. Still, the fact that it was never mentioned certainly has fans wondering how far Pixar is willing to go with the plotline.

Speaking of Woody’s television show and how far Pixar is willing to go, where exactly will Pixar decide to draw the line if they’re eager to make a movie like Lightyear? As already stated, Woody in Toy Story is known to be based on a television show. It was the entire plot of Toy Story 2 when Woody learned how rare he actually was and that Jessie and Bullseye came from the same show.